Sunday, January 31, 2016

教你简单的十招包你马上有好风水 Teach you another ten simple tips and guarantee you'll have good feng shui immediately

1.       清洁整齐

舒适的环境就是清洁不杂乱无章的环境, 风水学讲究舒适清洁, 试想想你一天在外打拚回到家但家里却杂乱无章, 你看了心情会好吗? 你心情不好就会脾气差, 脾气差就会影响你处理事情的方式, 接下来就是一团糟! 一个乱七八糟的家, 居住在里面的人肯定是乱七八糟.

一命二运三风水四积德五读书. 要积德就能改命运. 清理家里, 舊东西捐作慈善, 何乐不为呢?

1. Clean and tidy

Clean and comfortable environment is the key to have good feng shui. Imagine if you are out whole day working hard for living but when you reach home, your house is messy and disorganized, will you have good mood to look at it? When you feel bad, you will have bad temper. Eventually, the bad temper will affect the way you deal with the matters. Then, all will end up in a mess! Therefore, pay attention to the cleanliness of your house is of vital to create clean and comfortable environment in order to have good magnetic field. If living in a messy and disorganized environment, the chaos of thinking of the people living inside will definitely happen. Argument among family members is unavoidable.

2.       透亮不昏暗

阴阳要调和, 别为了省电或舒适而把屋子搞得很昏暗, 家里只有一个地方可以昏暗, 那就是你休息的地方……房间.

2. Bright not dim

Yin and yang is to be reconciled. Don’t make your house too dark solely because you wish to save the electricity bill or make it comfortable. There is only a place in your house that can be not bright i.e. your bedroom where you rest.

3.       门口要光亮, 没杂物

门口是纳气的地方, 就好像我们的口, 你吃的食物都必须要经过口, 食了健康的食物就可以身体健康, 反其道而行自然不好。同样的道理, 如果门口杂乱无章, 又杂物很多那纳的气都是不清洁的气, 也就是说得不到财.

 3. The main door has to be bright without any unwanted debris

Main door is the place for your house to have good qi enters via it. It is like your mouth. If you consume healthy food, then you will be healthy. Vice versa, if you consume unhealthy food, you smoke and drink too much, it also enters your body via your mouth. Thus, if the main door is disorganized and dirty, there will be no wealth available too.

4.       花草树木要生机勃勃.


4. Flowers and trees have to fresh, green and not dried up.

5.      客厅大开阔
客厅为名堂, 要舒畅没有杂物也没压抑感, 客厅不要有杂物. 要开阔。但却不能气直通无阻。

5. Large hall 
Do not put too many things in the hall to block the qi.

6.       重要东西别放横梁下

横梁支持整个屋子的重量, 横梁压顶会产生压力. 别坐在横梁下, 更不可睡在横梁下.

6. Do not sit, work or sleep underneath the beam.

Beam supports the entire house. It creates pressure if you spend times underneath the beam. 

7.       离开厕所远一些

厕所产生不清洁的气, 床向厕所会影响健康. 炉灶是煮饭的地方. 炉灶向厕所肯定会影响家人健康.

7. Stay away from the toilet

We produce dirty qi in the toilet. If you sleep facing the toilet, it will affect your health. Stove is cooking place. If the stove faces the toilet, it will definitely affect health of the family members.

8.       刀刃少, 运较好

刀器多, 会有打斗是非之可能. 别把日本忍者之长刀当装饰.

8. Less knife

Knife symbolizes fighting. Don not put a lot knife in the house. Do not the Japanese ninja long knife when decoration in the house.

9.       别把人形装饰放家里

日本艺妓人形, 无头人形, 非州面具会产生阴气和烂桃花.

9. Do not put dolls as home decoration items at home.

Japanese geisha humanoid, headless humanoid, non-state mask will produce yin energy and create unwanted romance.

10.   别把凶猛动物装饰放家里

10. Do not put the fierce animal ornaments like tigers and lions pictures as home décor.

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