Friday, June 17, 2016

看看风水在2016年告诉你什么 See what feng shui told you in 2016

Earlier during my prediction dated December 2, 2015, I said “Nine festive purple star will fly to the east. Thus, it is good for …… Sarawak at the East Malaysia is going to have their general election soon.” NOW, THEY BASICALLY GET WHAT THEY WANTED FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BECAUSE OF THE ELECTION !

早些时候,2015122日我的预测中我说九紫喜庆星飞到东方对日本台湾有利. 不要忘记在东马的砂劳越会很快大选了,因此政府将会给很多好处。现在由于选举, 他们基本上从联邦政府得到了他们希望得到的!

In the same article, I mentioned that the three argument star will fly into the northwest area, therefore NW will not be peaceful…….Penang and Kedah will not have calm political situation. OBVIOUSLY KEDAH HAS JUST CHANGED ITS MB AND LIM GUAN ENG SHOULD BE HEADACHE WITH HIS BUNGALOW ISSUE. PENANG AND KEDAH POLITICAL SITUATION ARE NOT GOING TO BE VERY CALM AS WELL.

在同一篇文章中,我提到三碧是非星飞入西北……..槟城和吉打的政局将不平静. 显然吉打换了州务大臣而林冠英也为了他的大洋房而头疼。槟城和吉打的政局将会不怎么平静.

Also, I stated that the best star during period 8 (2004-2023) is the 8 wealth star. In 2016 it will go to the Kun Palace. The Kun Palace is the palace for the mother, the Queen, the female leader of the house, so the favorable candidates for the presidential election in Taiwan and US will be 蔡英文and Hillary respectively. 蔡英文 JUST BECAME THE FIRST LADY PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN AND I HOPE HILLARY CAN ALSO BECOME THE FIRST LADY PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

我也说八运当令星当然是八白财星. 2016 年八白财星飞入西南方, 西南方为坤宫, 是母亲, 妈妈, 女皇, 皇后, 女领导者之宫, 因此对兢选台湾总统的蔡英文和兢选美国总统的希拉利有利. 蔡英文刚刚成为台湾第一位女总统,我希望希拉里也成为美国第一位女总统.

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