Monday, June 20, 2016

Proton 的车子标志, 要成功就应该改一改. If Proton wishes to perform better, I think the logo has to be altered!

在易经里, 我们说天圆地方”; 天是圆的, 地是方的, 古人看天是圆的, 地是方的, 因此我们说地方”. 因此北京天擅Temple of Heaven 是圆形的.

古钱币外形是圆形但中间正方形空心,代表着天包围着地,天空是圆形, 地是方。天人地(天空),(人)和地(土地)。这意味着人是顶天立地, 世界是在我们之上的天空(圆形)而立于大地(方形)。据八卦,天的形状是圆而土的形状是方形的。 (请参考我的书)在

前天八卦里乾卦为天, 动物乾卦为马, 圆为天, 古人以马代步, 现今人家以车代步. 看看世界上成功的车子标志都是圆形或椭圆形的, 如马赛地和丰田. 法拉利和保时捷的车子标志是马马赛地这名学取得真好.

Proton 的车子标志是三角形而且是用虎而非马, 要成功就应该改一改. 标志的颜色也必须改变为金属色因为乾卦种金属元素之卦。

In the Book of Changes, we say "hemispherical dome"; the sky is round and the earth square. The ancients felt that the sky is round and the earth square. Therefore, the Temple of Heaven in Beijing is round/circular in shape.

The ancient coin is in a circular shape with a square in the middle, representing the heaven or the sky surrounding the earth. Square is the Earth.天人地heaven (sky), people (human) and the earth (land). It means the world is formed by the human who step on the earth (square) which sky (circular) on top of us. According to Bagua, the shape for Qian gua (heaven) is circle and the shape for gold is also circle; the shape for Kun gua (earth) is square. (Please refer to page 22 for detailed explanations on Later Heaven Bagua) in my book

Qian Qua in the Before Heaven Bagua is the sky or heaven. The animal is the Qian Qua is horse and shape is round. In the old day, people used horse to move around. Nowadays, we use cars. Look around you and you will notice that the car logo of the successful cars in the world are round or oval, such as Mercedes and Toyota are circular and oval shapes. There is a horse in the car logo of Ferrari and Porsche.

Proton’s car logo is triangular and is a tiger, not a horse. Thus, if Proton wishes to perform better, I think the logo has to be altered! The color of the logo also has to be changed to metallic color too as the Qian Qua is an metal element qua.  

 Temple of Heaven天壇 

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