Saturday, July 5, 2008

What are the decorative items that suitable for you or vice-versa?

Many of us like to put some decorative items at house or office without knowing whether the items are suitable for us or not. The table below illustrates the auspicious and inauspicious items for you. For instance, if you are born in the year of snake, ‘Hello Kitty’ which is a cat is not suitable for you. This is because tiger is a big cat. If you do not wish to throw it away, then at least put it aside as it will not make any good to your luck. Instead, make yourself close to decorative items of Rooster and Ox. If you have soft toys of rooster and ox, ‘sleep’ with them.

- Monkey, Dragon, Ox
Ox - Snake, Roaster, Rat
Tiger (Cat) - Dog, Horse, Pig
Rabbit - Sheep, Pig, Dog
Dragon - Monkey, Rat, Rooster
Snake - Rooster, Ox
Horse - Tiger, Dog, Sheep
Sheep - Rabbit, Pig, Horse
Monkey - Rat, Dragon
Rooster - Ox, Snake, Dragon
Dog - Horse, Tiger, Rabbit
Pig - Rabbit, Sheep, Tiger

Rat-Horse, Rabbit, Sheep
Ox-Sheep, Horse, Dog
Tiger (Cat)-Monkey, Snake
Rabbit-Rooster, Dragon, Rat
Dragon-Dog, Rabbit
Snake-Pig, Tiger
Horse-Rat, Ox
Sheep-Ox, Dog, Rat
Monkey-Tiger, Pig
Rooster-Rabbit, Dog
Dog-Dragon, Rooster, Sheep, Ox
Pig-Snake, Monkey

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