Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trip to China

I was in Shenzhen on 31 Oct 2009. I am glad to have the opportunity to be there for feng shui audit.
Shenzhen was designated as a special economic zone by the central government in 1980. The special economic zone has created an economic miracle in China, growing from a small fishing town to a prosperous modern city over the past 20 years. The fast pace of the city touches the life of everyone living there, whether s/he is a farmer, a fisherman or someone who has emigrated there in search of a better life. All of them have witnessed remarkable changes in a city where everyone is given an equal chance. Shenzhen is a city of hope, a city full of opportunities, a city drawing thousands of talented people from across the country and around the world, and a city with modern skyscrapers, and shopping malls.
Looking down from a high class condominium which cost more than 1 million Malaysia Ringgit in order to own a unit.
Our van passed through a bridge and I could see the deep sea by the side of Shenzhen. Again, this is another city which is build next to to the deep sea which has a lot of wealth as water is wealth in feng shui. I do not want to repeat the theory here and you can refer to my old post on "Water is money and use it in the right way will bring you ample of wealth"

I Wish I Can Spend More Time in China but I have to come back to work. I hope to have the opportunity to be able to study more about the feng shui in China.


pgites said...

master, i can't help but feel fortunate to have been intro to you. i agree when you said in your book or blog somewhere that if we got fate, we will meet. i used to be stubborn in my own decision. but your way of explaining makes it feel to me like.."oh why I didnt think of that?!" :) you are a very kind and generous fengshui master. hubby and i wish you all the best, good karma will sure bless you for all the help and blessings you so generously bestow your time on others! god bless!

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

Thank you very much. The compliment serves as a great momentum for me to move forward stronger without any doubt. Again, as what I always say, the happiest thing is to hear good news from you as it shows my help has turned into real result.