Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shopping Malls in Penang

My Feng Shui Seminar at the Quennsbay Mall last month.
The sea at the East Sector of the Island Plaza has been covered by the reclaimed land.


Gurney Plaza

Queensbay Mall

I did mention in my book with the title “How to Enhance your wealth with Feng Shui?” that according to the Later Heaven Bagua, if we are able to see clear water at the East of your premises for period 7 (1984 – 2003) and period 8 (2004 – 2023), it is good for wealth.

Also, during my feng shui seminar at Queensbay Mall last month, I showed the reason why e-Gate, Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza are doing good as you can see water at the East of them. However, unfortunately, the sea at the East of Island Plaza has been covered by the reclaimed land!

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Anonymous said...

My most admired fengshui master!

Dear Master Lee,

I have no words to describe how accurate your analysis is on my current boyfriend from his characteristics to all descriptions on our on-going struggle.
Your analysis has confirmed my decision, thoughts and doubts. It will certainly path a good guide for me to try out my relationship from a different approach and if all fails, your analysis together with my efforts and decision will not leave any rooms for doubts.

If my relationship ends for good after trying all means, I appreciate your accurate analysis for less time and effort wasted. I am giving myself a time frame to work my relationship to the best I can and with my own observation, coupled with my boyfriend's bazi reading - I will make a GOOD DECISION!

Thank you for your kind help and professional consultation.

Warm regards,
from Penang