Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Feng Shui of Twin Tower, Bay Garden and Sanctuary in Penang Island.

Gold Coast Bay Garden Main Entrance
The Proposed Construction site at the side of the Garden Bay

Gold Coast Garden Bay is a good choice for those whose bazi require plant, gold and water elements because the place is called Gold Coast and it is next to the sea. Also, there will be lots of plants in the garden.

If there is a construction near your house, watch out! The bad qi will bring very bad effect to the health of the family members. The dust, dirty air and noise that caused by the construction will ruin the feng shui of the place. Thus, something need to be done to minimise the inauspicious qi while the construction is taking place there. A lot of clients always complained to me that they noticed that their luck and the health of their family members deteriorated when there was a construction taking place near their houses.

If the construction is at the North which is the direction of the water element, block the inauspicious qi from the construction by placing a stone or crystal followed by a red packet (ang pao), then a money plant, then a glass of water and eventually a coin. This is because we need to clash the water element at the North with an earth element which is a stone or crystal but the energy of the earth element alone is not sufficient to fight the water at the North. Thus, it needs the support from the red packet which is the fire element as the fire produces earth. The fire then is supported by a plant, then the water and eventually the metal from coin. Apply the same theory if the construction is taking place in other directions. It is quite tedious for me to illustrate it here and I will illustrate in detail in my next coming book.
Houses in the Sungai Nibong Garden Bay.

The Main Entrance of the Sanctuary, Batu Uban.

The roads in Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary at Batu Uban is a good choice for those whose bazi require earth as Batu is earth in Malay Language.

I noticed that the roads in the residence area are not straight but instead they are bend and curve. It is auspicious to have bend and curve rivers or roads instead of a straight river or road near your house.

The Twin Tower of Penang

If you reside in the Twin Tower Condo in Penang and if the washroom is right at the centre of your house, please try to minimise the usage of the washroom in the middle of the unit. It is inauspicious to have a washroom right at the middle of the unit but due to some limitation in the building layout design, some buildings are unavoidable to have the washroom at the centre of the house. You can take your shower in this washroom but try not to do any 'big or small businesses' there if possible.

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