Monday, October 25, 2010

Horoscope for Ox in 2011

‘天狗’星主有超支和失预算的现象,代表今年你的财政情况有点不济, 经常会因为消费过度以致收支失去平衡。如果长时间不只自律,则难保会有经济陷入困境的一天。’吊客’同临,主有奔丧事,必须留意家人的健康,出入小心.

Ox may feel lonely this year. The appearance of the Star God of ‘Tian Gou’ demonstrates there will be phenomenon of having overspending and thus this year your financial condition is a little not that promising. You may consume excessive and there will be lose balance in between your income and expenses. If you do not control your expenses, you may fall into deep difficulty in your financial condition.
There is a star of ‘diao ke’which means sickness or death of family member. In other word, there will be depression.


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how to counter this bad luck?

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Pls read the front part of my post to have a better picture. For a better accuracy, please refer to