Friday, October 1, 2010

Does North Korea Leader, Kim Jong-il believe in feng shui?

I have just posted my article about the strong influence of feng shui in South Korea and now I noticed another strong influence of the feng shui theory on the North Korea . I m not sure whether the North Korea leader, Kim Jong-il believes in feng shui but what he has done is exactly what I said earlier
period 8, 2004 to 2023 is a period for the young men to shine brightly as star no 8 is at the Gen gua in the Later Heaven Bagua. Gen gua is the gua of the youngest son. Kim Jong-il does not pass his heir to his eldest or second son but instead to his youngest son, Kim Jong-Un! Moreover, Kim Jong-Un is very young, may be 26 or 27?? Isn't it unbelievable? What was I doing when I was 26 27? I was just a junior engineer but he is going to rule a country soon!

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Ray Liew said...

Some of these people are trained in politics since young by their family. In fact, I think it is a very common thing.