Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Prediction for 2011 the year of Rabbit (part 4)

Fortune Water 安忍水

The East region is the worst area in 2011 after 4/2/11 12.33pm 立春“Li Choon” date as this is the place for the 5 yellow 五黃and grand duke 太岁 coincidentally; hence I predict that there will be disasters and diseases in Japan as Japan is located at the East of the World. On top of that, the economy of Japan is going to see negative impact.
Please place a fortune water 安忍水 which have old coins and water in it at the East of your house. This is because the grand duke 太岁 for this year is the rabbit and rabbit is an animal of plant element. We cannot harm the grand duke 太岁with a metal element as a metal axe could chop down a tree (plant element). Thus, we use metal (old coins) to reduce the energy of the 5 yellow 五黃 which is earth element. Subsequently, we use the water to grow the plant as the grand duke 太岁. You have to do it for your house if your main door is located at the East or your bedroom is at the East of the house. Please contact my brother 016-4208378 for appointment if you wish to get a set of fortune water 安忍. No renovation is to be taken place at the East sector of your house. The East of Malaysia which is the Sabah and Sarawak are going be not very stable either in 2011.
Look like the economy of China and United States are going to see improvement as the flying star no 9 (happiness event star) is going to be at the West and flying star no 1 (romance star) will be at the North East. These two flying stars are the future stars after period 8 (2004 – 2023) thus they are the prince and princess who are going to be King and Queen that in power or in control in future, therefore they are the auspicious stars. However, as the flying star no 1 is the water element star, hence there might be serious flood in China as there will be too much of water there. Nevertheless, ‘three killing 三煞’will appear at the West. It will make the journey to recovery of the United States and Europe harder and it may not be smooth either. Hence, don't be too optimistic about the economy of the world in 2011. The United States and Europe are located at the West of the world and China is at the North East of the world. To minimize the impact of the ‘three killing 三煞’, you can place 3 qin ling at the West.


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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it became true with Japan. What a tragedy! i live in California, also an earthquake country and we are overdue for the what they call the Big One.