Monday, August 22, 2011

See how accurate feng shui can tell us?

Apart from telling us the Japan Earthquake and the turbulence situation in the Middle East this year, let us do a review on what feng shui can tell us......

I am one of the Malaysians who really feel sad when Dato Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan in the recent BWF Badminton Championships. However, as a "Penang lang", we are certainly proud of him because he is also from Penang. Many people are in fact like me who could not accept the fact he lost eventually, even though there were several occasions, he actually leading and in a very favorable position. As a matter of fact, I did say my view why Dato Lee always does not have the luck during the top world tournaments but I was criticised for saying it as one of the readers said that we should not discourage our hero from moving forward. I agreed and I removed my article about it in my blog. You will not be able to find it in my blog but you still can read it in my book

I said in my blog that this year is good for gold industry and the gold price raises very much recently.

Read what I have said in my blog on 25 Jan 2011

The "three killing 三煞’will appear at the West. It will make the journey to recovery of the United States and Europe harder and it may not be smooth either. Hence, don't be too optimistic about the economy of the world in 2011. The United States and Europe are located at the West of the world.

I said in my blog early this year and also during my interview with the Star Newspaper

It might be a good year for those who are looking for partners or to settle down but for those who are already married, beware of any temptation.

Apart from telling us the 2011 is the year for the ladies, it also tells us 2011 is not a easy year for those lady leaders. It is because the flying star at the centre of the annual flying star 2011 is 7 which is apart from being the star for lady, it is also a star of argument too....

2011 is a year for ladies. If you refer to the annual flying star chart for 2011, the star no 7 is at the middle of the chart, hence it is the star that in control. According to the I-Ching Later Heaven Baqua, the 7 is in the West which is the 兑卦 Dui Qua, is a qua for lady. Thus, the lady is in the centre of the chart in 2011 to control.

Also I said in my blog that Tesco Tanjung Pinang is a good place to set up restaurants and it has been proven. One of the restaurants is my client who follow my advices and the owner told me that the business is too good that they are having problem to hire enough waiters to serve the customers!

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