Friday, November 18, 2011

Horoscope 2012 for Dog

I want to repeat the below statement again prior my write-out about the Horoscope 2012 for Dog:-

I would like to highlight to you that you should take it as a reference ONLY as it is not logical to have all those who are born in the year of rat to share the same fortune in 2011. To be more accurate, it is better to read your bazi as a whole as there will be more data to be obtained from the bazi which include the year, month, day and hour that you were born. It is similar to if you go for a doctor for diagnosing, for accuracy, the doctor will go for blood screening, CT scan, x-ray and etc to have a more precious information than just to check your body temperature solely, isn’t it?


宜守不宜攻 一切隨缘吧! 一命二运三风水四积德五读书. 要积德和改善家居和办公室来改命运.


It is not a good year for dog as, the fearful stars such as ‘Sui Po’ and‘Lan Gan’ are bad stars. The Star of ‘Sui Po’ is a not peaceful star. It represents the hardships in company. It is advisable for you to go to the temple or church in the beginning of spring before ‘li chun’4/2/2012 to pray for good fortune and it is helpful to dispel the disturbance of the fearful star.

There might be some changes in your life this year. You should stay conservative and do not make unnecessary changes if possible. Apply feng shui and practise good deeds to enhance your luck.

Simultaneously, there is a star of ‘Da Hao Xing’, which indicating a leak of wealth and do not easy to gather wealth. You may suffer unexpected personal financial losses. You have to be careful in any investment. You may purchase carelessly the stock that has no potential to grow.

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