Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Feng Shui of D.U.N. Dewan Undangan Perak

I did mention that I do not like involve in politic but out of curiosity and by coincident, I have an opportunity to pay a visit to the Assembly Hall of Perak, hence, I did a study in term of the feng shui of the Assembly Hall. The study is mainly in the field of feng shui solely for reference purposes.

All will agree that this is a very turbulence year for Perak. Perak is silver in Malay word and it is belong to the gold or metal element. In term of the annual flying star for this year, star no 9, the star of fire is at the middle of the chart and thus it is a year that is full of fire. For those who have a copy of my book "How To Enhance Your Wealth With Feng Shui", please refer to page 110. I did mention early this year, this is a HOT year and you can see fire disasters everywhere in the world Therefore, the fire burns and melts the gold of Perak.

Also, this is a year of 'double May month' 闰五月 in Chinese Lunar calender and May is a summer month and there were very HOT months.
If you go to the Assembly Hall of Perak, you will notice that the shapes of the roof of buildings are in the shape of sharp triangle and triangle is the shape of fire. This is because when you burn something, fire is in the shape of triangle and it will not be in the shape of square or circle, right?

On top of that, there are a lot of lamp posts pointing to the direction of the Assembly Hall of Perak. As a matter of fact, these lamp posts create more ‘fire’ to the assembly hall. Besides, the DAP office which carry a big sign of rocket is located just opposite the assembly hall, this no doubt creates more fire to the assembly hall.

Also, if I am not mistaken, the main door of the assembly hall is facing the North. I measured it with my ‘luo pan’ 罗盘 but I am not very sure whether is that the main door, hence, please correct me if I am wrong. The North is where the worst flying star, star no 5 is at for the year 2009, this no doubt has created more turbulence to the Assembly Hall of Perak. This is because the most inauspicious star is actually at the main door of the assembly hall.
I believe all these have added together and formed BIG FIRE to Perak.


Jim-SafetyShoes said...

Great! This make me understand feng shui will affect to our living.

Same concept to a family.
If the family members always have arguing with each other, this mean something was wrong on home decor/design/ or elements of each personal.

JF Chow said...

This is amazing!! From the theory of Feng Shui can read through the thing happen in Perak.I come from Perak, i deeply feel the pain of Perakian today, This D.U.N Perak really heat up a lot of fire this year. Just blessing this chaos will end soon.