Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to enhance the relationship with your spouse?

I came across a lot of requests from ladies that they have encountered marital problem with their husbands. They came to me for help. It is of vital to enhance the relationship with your spouse by practicing the feng shui remedies as below:-

1. According to the Later Heaven Bagua, North West is the place for the master of the house. If there is a missing corner in the North West, which means the husband will either, does not like to stay at the house for too long or there will be no male master in the house. In short, the house is inauspicious to the man. Besides, it is crucial to remove all magazines or pictures of any ladies from the North West and they will boost the romance luck of your husband as there may have many ladies around him all the time. Instead, the wife should put her picture there. If there is a picture of your family picture, please place it there. This will help to make your husband loves you and the family. North West of your house is important to your husband.

2. Do you still hang your marriage photograph in your bedroom or do you hide it somewhere else? You have to hang it back to your bedroom to enhance the relationship with your life companion. I always noticed that a lot of clients like to hide their marriage photograph somewhere else especially those who have married for many years. This will deteriorate the relationship in between the couples.
3. Put away all flowers from your house whether they are real flowers or fake flowers. Flowers induce romance. Same apply to the Chinese vase. If there are Chinese vase with flowers or picture of flowers at the North West or South West, please remove them now.

4. Do not place a mirror to face the bed and stove. There should be only a stove in the kitchen instead of two stoves as the stove represents the lady master. If there are 2 stoves in the kitchen, it means there will be 2 lady masters in the house.

5. South west is the region for lady master. Also, please remove all magazines or any pictures of any men from the South West. Instead, you should put your picture there. If have a picture of your family, put it there too.

6. Mandarin Ducks, which are referred to by the Chinese as Yuan-yang 鸳鸯, are featured in Oriental art and are regarded as a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity. You can place a pair of man-made mandarin ducks near your bed to enhance the relationship with your life companion as mandarin ducks are regarded as faithful and lovely couples.

7. Often, you can notice there are flower plants that grow over the fence of a house. It symbolizes that the husband will have undesired romance outside. Please make sure you trim the flowers if they grow across the fence.

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