Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Feng Shui of the Miami Green Condominium at Tanjung Bunga.

Miami Green Condominium
The Entrance of Miami Green

Tanjung Bunga is one of places in Penang that has the best feng shui and it is the residence area for many wealthy guys. It is extremely auspicious to stay close to the rich and loaded guys to get the good qi from them. It is apparently auspicious for those require plant and water elements in their bazi. This is because "Bunga" is flower in Malay Language and flower is plant element. Obviously, the Tanjung Bunga is close to sea, thus those who require water element, Miami Green Condominium may be a good choice as some of the units' balconies are fronting the sea in the North. In feng shui, North is the direction for the water.
Nevertheless, for those who reside in the Miami Green Condominium whose units' main doors are facing the lift, please place a divider after the main door to block it. These units are in fact auspicious for the medical surgeons and hair stylists as scissor is a crucial tool for these people in their careers. When your unit is facing the lift, the doors of the lift are similar to two pieces of knives and it is like a scissor. Apart from that, it is similar to a tiger is sitting in front of your main door opening and closing its mouth. I was told that the management of the condominium does not allow the residents of the condominium to place a pot of big plant in front of their main doors. Thus, you need to place a divider in your house at your main door to minimise the bad qi.

Also, there are some missing corners in the house. In feng shui, the best shape of house is square in shape and I noticed that many apartments do not have this luxury due to the limitation in the building layout design. To minimise the inauspicious impacts due to it, please refer to my feng shui book, page 99.
Apart from that, if the washroom is facing the door of the master room and the attached bathroom is facing the bed, please
1. Place a divider to block it.
2. Install a 'door closer' to make sure the door is always closed by itself automatically. If this is done, then it is advisable to install an exhaust fan in the washroom to suck the dirty air from the washroom.
3. Install a 'Japanese curtain' at the door of the washroom to minimise the dirty qi from escaping from the washroom and hit you.
Bear in mind, the air or qi from the washroom is always dirty. It is crucial to take it seriously because you will spend long hours on the bed especially when you sleep averagely 7-8 hours there daily.
I visited an Indian Christian family for feng shui audit and was told that one of the siblings fell sick after shifting in a house until she could not go to work. Eventually, I found that she was sleeping right in front of a toilet door! The air or qi from the washroom is always dirty and inauspicious and it will affect your health particularly. The worst case is when you have your stove facing the toilet!

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