Thursday, December 23, 2010


I appreciate all the positive comments about me and they all gave me the momentum and support to move forward. It has proven again that my strong belief of "Trust and fate is more important than money!"

In fact, it is also my dream to learn and share more knowledge and I have to do it STEP BY STEP but your support is sufficient to make me move forward.

Master Lee,

Its hard to find a feng shui master like you, so friendly, humble and caring. I came across a few masters, quite selfish and not willing to help when asked to explain certain points of feng shui! They would say this would be taught in next lesson, means paying more fees! That's why I was put off until a friend gave me your book. Since visitng your web, I know you are the right master to follow and I'm happy for those taking lessons from you. My friends were happy as well. I hope to learn the 8 pillars from you. I have great interest in that and been learing through books myself. Please don't let me wait too long for the lesson. Age is catching up and I tend to be forgetful.

I'll collect the bowl from you after I've done the cleaning in my house. Won't be free until after the new year.

Regards and best wishes,


We have enjoyed the course very much and the useful tips that we have learnt from this short course because the lesson that we learnt on the trip was much cos we get to see the real aspect of it and not just theory. That makes it easier to understand as we read the book by Master Lee. Yes, both of us will certainly attend if there is such type of course again in future. We wish to add you to our list of close friend.
Best regards and take care always,
Ben & Annie from Kota Kinabalu, Kelantan.
Hi Master Lee,
Really enjoy with the fruitful feng shui trip this afternoon. Hopefully could attend more class from you such as Face Reading or Bazi soon. Besides, I have completed reading your book finally. It is an easy to understand yet comprehensive book.
Dear Master Lee,
Early this year, I discovered you through your blog. After reading your blog, I now have deeper understanding of feng shui and how it can affect and enhance our live.
I recently purchased your latest book of How To Enjoy Your Life With Good Feng Shui. So far I already read and go through the book a few times. It’s interesting to know that simple Feng Shui DIY can have such a big difference in our life.
Lex, Sibu, Sarawak.

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