Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Horoscope for Dragon in 2011

今年有‘太阳星’.’太阳星’出现是一颗强力的贵人星,又主光芒、公正和给予. 这位贵人强而有力,能为你在困厄之时扭转乾坤。你的事业仍有上升之势,上司对你继续赞赏获得升迁到更高的职位,担任更举足轻重的任务。
「板鞍」的出现令你虚荣心上升,你会在今年疯狂入货,也会更改个人形象. 板鞍星易有助提陞人際關係。認識權貴名人等。
‘天空’ 为 小凶星.
In this year, there is ‘Tai Yang Xing’. The appearance of ‘Tai Yang Xing’ indicates that there will be noblemen or helpers and this person is powerful. You have the tendency of rising. Your superior will appreciate what you have done and you will continue to get promoted to a higher position, or to take charge of a more important task.
The appearance of the star of ‘ ban an’may cause you to buy unnecessarily and may make you like to change your image. However it will help you to make you easy to get along with others. You may make friends with some influenced and renowned men.
In help of the star of the ‘tang fu’, your skill of management will improve and will gain the authority and power to control your staffs easily. The relationship in between your staffs and you will improve as well.

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