Monday, December 27, 2010

Horoscope for Snake 2011

流年见‘丧门’ 出现主老人患病,而’地丧’则主年级大的人士必须要谨慎饮食,注意出入安全以防发生不测的意外。年轻人要多留意家中老人的身体状况。若发觉健康出现问题,就要马上就医。
In this year, the appearance of ‘Yi Ma Xing’ in your life palace represents that you will have to move about. It is an intermediate lucky star. You may have to travel due to work and will encounter some happy events during your travel. In this year, the frequency for you to travel is more than the previous years and the time for you to stay in other places is also longer.
For Snakes, there is a ‘Sang Men’ which mean the old people will fall ill. ‘Di Sang’ indicates that those elderly snakes should control the diet and food that they consume, and also they have to care good take of their safety in order to avoid any accident. Young snakes will have to take care of the body condition of old person at home. If there is any health problem arises, immediate medical attention need to take place.
Snake may feel lonely this year too.

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