Monday, January 31, 2011

My Prediction for 2011 the year of Rabbit (part 5)

President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev and the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin

The recent bomb at the Moscow Airport

文房四宝Chinese Ancient Study Tools

The Russians are going to expect political instability or terrorism as the argument star no 3 is going to be at the North of the annual flying star chart. It is obvious that the president of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev is having conflict with the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin. The recent bomb at the Moscow Airport could be the sign for it. Do you know the First World War 1914 - 18 occured during period 3 ? Period 3 was from 1904 to 1923. Hence, you should realize the power of the flying star 3 which is the star of argument 三碧禄存星 now? Please do not confuse the star of argument 三碧禄存星 with the 3 killing 三煞.

If your main door is located at the North sector of your house or your bedroom is located at the North, you will expect a year with argument. To minimize it, place a red carpet at the North of your house. You will see the difference with a simple red carpet which do not cost you much.

Please refer to my book, “How to live a better life with Good Feng Shui?” for more details.

South West was not a good place in the year of tiger but South West is a good place in the year of rabbit. It is a place of the 文昌位 intelligence and if you are a student, you could utilize the place for studying or place a 文房四宝 Chinese Ancient Study Tools at the South West of your house. South West is an excellent place in 2011 and we should go forward to the South West.

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