Monday, January 10, 2011

Horoscope for Horse in 2011

流年见’太阴星’出现. 太阴星’出现是一颗强力的贵人星. 今年有贵人相助尤其是女贵人.
今年有’天喜’星出现, ’天喜’星为快乐的星, 主有喜事和愉快事情发生.

There is a ‘Tai Yin Xing‘appears for the horse. This is an auspicious star which means that you will have good help especially from the female.
The star of ‘Tian Xi’ is happy star. You may expect to enjoy some happy events.
Furthermore, there will be helps available this year.


Yin Sing said...

does that mean it will generally be a good year for horse?

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

YES. However, I would like to highlight to you that you should take it as a reference ONLY as it is not logical to have all those who are born in the year of rat to share the same fortune in 2011. To be more accurate, it is better to read your bazi as a whole as there will be more data to be obtained from the bazi which include the year, month, day and hour that you were born. It is similar to if you go for a doctor for diagnosing, for accuracy, the doctor will go for blood screening, CT scan, x-ray and etc will have a more precious information than just to check your body temperature solely, isn’t it?

Yin Sing said...

Yes yes, your example made sense. LOL, but is it weird to have my bazi read too many times? =P

Lee Cheng Hoe said...

In fact, we should read our bazi every year to understand what to avoid and what to look for each. But, too bad, recently, I am quite busy due to the Chinese New Year. I have to prepare for my feng shui talks in various places.