Friday, January 28, 2011

Hahaha.. I vs Red Hot Undergarments

Hahaha.....yesterday, Star Newspaper reporter, Ann Tan called me up to check with me whether wearing red undergarments is able to bring us good luck during the Chinese New Year and I said....

Friday January 28, 2011
Red undies all the rage

RED and purple undergarments are popular among Penangites this Chinese New Year.

Many Chinese believe it is good luck to wear red and purple during Chinese New Year.

Roadside trader Anny Lim, 50, said she had seen more demand for the coloured under-garments that she imported from Thailand .

“I have brought in 100 sets three times and sales have been very good.

“People also like purple thanks to a beve-rage television commercial promoting purple as the extreme red,” she quipped.

People are also buying red bras with a tube design that covers their cleavage but is still visible when wearing a low-cut blouse.

At Sunshine Square in Bayan Baru, lingerie department buyer Tan Siew Tuan, 36, said red undergarments with lace and gold em-broidery are hot items.

“People believe wearing red undergarments at the stroke of midnight to usher the Chinese New Year, coupled with red pyjamas, will bring them good luck and prosperity,” she said.

Even the men are snapping up red underwear for the New Year.

Sunshine’s business processing depart- ment head Nicholas Ong said people wear the colour because they believe it is good feng shui.

Sales executive Lim Hui Zhen, 42, said she would always buy red underwear to bring ‘ong’ (prosperity in Hokkien).

However, feng shui master Lee Cheng Hoe said he did not think wearing red is lucky in terms of feng shui.

“It is just a belief among the Chinese. We tend to confuse belief with custom and religion,” he said.

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