Friday, December 6, 2013

Feng Shui : Zodiac Horoscope for Dragon 生肖龙在2014马年的运气

天解星’是一颗逢凶化吉星,它的功用能化解一切灾难.官非和疾病. ’天解’出现在你的命宫,当能为你化解是非缠绕。
地解’和 ’解神’是一颗贵人星,主逢凶化吉,但需要先见凶而后化吉. 你的事业将会更进一步。
‘天狗’星主有超支和失预算的现象,代表今年你的财政情况有点不济, 经常会因为消费过度以致收支失去平衡。如果长时间不只自律,则难保会有经济陷入困境的一天。

Tian Xie’ is a good star. Its function is to dissolve all disasters and diseases. On top of that, the appearance of ‘Tian Xie’ in your life palace can help you in dissolving the arguments that may occur.
Di Xie’ and ‘Xie Shen’ are in your life palace. They are to turn the ill luck into the good luck. But you have to see bad one first before you meet with the lucky one.
Since you get the lucky star of ‘Ba Zuo’, represent there will be a promotion, you will override others gradually on popularity. However, the ‘Ba Zuo’ needs to suit other lucky stars in order to play a bigger role.
Having the fearful star of ‘Xue Ren’ to appear in life palace, it is a star that illustrates one will suffer unexpected personal financial losses star and disasters as well. You have to make any investment with careful consideration. On top of that, please take extra care of your health and your safety. Do drive carefully and ensure that you do regular exercises and consume healthy food.
You will feel lonely.

The appearance of the Star God of ‘Tian Gou’ demonstrates there will be phenomenon of having overspending and thus this year your financial condition is a little not that promising. You may consume excessive and there will be lose balance in between your income and expenses. If you do not control your expenses, you may fall into deep difficulty in your financial condition.

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