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The feng shui of the Macau Lisboa Casino (Macau Feng Shui Sharing part 1) 老葡京赌场风水 (澳门风水分享第一节)

我才从澳门, 香港, 深圳与广洲回来,很想与你们分享一些这些城市的风水玄机。让我一一为你们分享.
澳门到处灯火灿烂, 以赌博旅游业为主要经济来源. 先说说澳门老葡京赌场风水.澳门葡京赌场Macau casino Lisboa)。名称来自于葡萄牙首都里斯本(Lisboa),称为葡京。
I have just come back from Macau, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guang Zhou and I m very desperately wishing to share with you the feng shui practices in these cities.
There are bright lights everywhere in Macau. The gambling and tourism are the main source of income for Macau. First, let us talk about the feng shui of the Macao Lisboa Casino. The Macau Lisboa Casino was named after the name of the Portugal capital Lisbon (Lisboa). 

葡京赌场的设计,暗藏了很多风水玄机。其中最具煞气的是正门!其中一只门建成狮子口的模样,另一只像虎口,赌客由此进入赌场,就好像掉进狮子、老虎的口里,赌客就很容易被狮子老虎吃了。因为狮子是万兽之王,老虎是凶猛之兽,「送羊入虎口」了. 狮虎门煞气很大.
It is obvious that you could find the feng shui practices easily in the design of the casino, in which the most obvious one is the main entrance. The gates look like the mouth of the lion and tiger. Thus the gambler enters the casino probably falls into the mouths of the lion and tiger. The gambler will be eaten very easily by the lion and tiger. The lion is king of the animals and the tiger is the fierceness beast. In Chinese, it is like “deliver the sheep into the tiger’s mouth”.
赌场大门上端为蝠鼠吊金钱,设计犹如蝠鼠(即吸血大蝙蝠)开口觅食。因为字与中国吉祥字谐音,有招财进宝的效力。此设计有如欲把赌客的钱都吸光, 血本无归.
The upper view of the front door is like “the bat mouse hangs the money”, the design looks like the bat opens its mouth to look for food. It is because the character” bat “is similar with the Chinese propitious character “the luck”. Hence, it has the potency to gather money. The design is mean to suck the blood (money) of the gambler as bat sucks blood.
赌场内天花刻有海盗船图案,一踏入赌场就好似被海盗洗劫一样。   而且大门是一直不断旋转,会使走进的赌客神魂迷乱,难以理性地下注。其实风水学是环境心理学, 环境影响心理, 你不难发觉所有的赌场或夜总会都是灯火灿烂, 让人鬼迷心窍, 不能做出明智的决定.
When you enter the casino via the main entrance, you will see some drawings of pirate ships design on the ceiling, it means as soon as you walk into the casino, you will be robbed.   Moreover the front door is a continuously unceasing revolving door; it can cause the gambler in the state of confusing mind and cannot make rational decision once he enters into the casino. Hence, if you want to win some money, you should avoid using the main entrance and go through via the side door. Actually the feng shui study is a study about the environmental psychology, the environmental effect psychology. You will notice that all casinos, entertainment centers such as night clubs are designed with bright and moving lights. It can cause the people in the state of confusing mind and cannot make rational decision once he enters into the casino or the entertainment centers.  

If you look from the outside, above the casino, there are many pellets and some big balls, but below has nearby a white circular encirclement, probably is a plate, therefore looks by far, probably is “the big beads fall onto the jade plate”, it means the banker is forever be the winner.    

赌博的其中一种方法叫打麻将, 与麻雀同音, 因此葡京赌场的设计外型酷似鸟笼,犹如让进入的赌客受困笼中,寓意只进不出 ,入场的每一个赌客,都好像成为笼中鸟。而且其顶部的四周有很多类似镰刀状的利器,剌向四面八方,赌客更仿如成为任人宰割的笼中鸟。  
In gambling, one of the methods is called playing mahjong, sound like the sparrow in Chinese, therefore the outlook design structure of the casino resembles the birdcage. Thus, it is like letting the gambler who enters be stranded in the cage, it implied that the gambler can only enter without escape and you will be caught alive in the cage!

虽然与香港一样, 澳门寸土如金但老葡京赌场却是门前一个广大的广场, 就是要拥有广大的明堂, 可有招财进宝的效力。
Like Hong Kong, all the land in Macau is very precious but, the casino still keep a wide opening space in front of it, in feng shui it may have the potency in gathering money.

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