Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Feng Shui : Zodiac Horoscope for Horse in 2014 生肖马在2014马年的运气


你犯上本名太岁. 要在立春日前到太岁庙作福,有助驱散凶星的缠扰。
剑锋’主有刀光和斗争, 因此在公司里有一番龙争虎斗.

Jin Kui’, represents there is a good opportunity to start a business. If you always dream of becoming a boss yourself, in this year you will have the opportunity to implement your plan. ‘Jin Kui’ is a wealth star. It is a businessman wealth star, also illustrates your business will run smoothly and turnover is steadily on the raise.
Jiang Xing’ is a star of authority and power. However it is a military general star, which means you have to fight in order to achieve the outstanding record.
Your luck may not be very promising. It is advisable for you to go to the temple or church before li chun 4/2/14 to pray for good fortune and it is helpful to dispel the disturbance of the fearful star.
Addition to that, there is ‘Jian Feng’ and a fearful star of ‘Fu Shi’; they will affect the concentration of students in their studies. It will be hard for them to concentrate in their studies, hence, if you are the parents, please go to temple before li chun 4/2/14 to pray for good fortune of your kids.

The appearance of the ‘Sword edge God’ indicates that there will be arguments in your company.

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