Tuesday, October 2, 2018

2019 鼠 Rat


I m going to start posting my studies about the 12 zodiac for 2019. Please stay tuned for your zodiac.


吉星 Auspicious Stars


【太阳】Representing light reflect long distance, will be assisted by nobles, success in the workplace. Have the power to spread, suitable for foreign development, merchants may wish to consider expanding their business to overseas markets. Representing male nobles, women's love will have better development, charm improve, easy to be welcomed by the opposite sex.

【天乙】吉星驾临,大贵人星,事业上倍添助力,尤其是工作需与人接触或对从事销售者更为有利。[天乙贵人] 人命逢之,  如得生旺及有贵格吉星相扶助, 主气宇轩昂, 福寿双全, 富贵人间.

【天乙】strong noble star, get help at work, especially work needs to be in contact with people or more beneficial to those involve in sales, marketing and business. [天乙贵人] means there are lots of helps, mentors and noblemen available.

【天空】则主宰创意及灵感,今年的创造作力澎湃,倘若本身从事天马行空的行业如设计,广告, 写作及编剧等将会灵感不绝。

【天空】Dominate creativity and inspiration, creative work imposing, if you are engaged in an industry that is unconstrained, such as design, writing, advertisement and scriptwriting will be inspirational.

凶星 Inauspicious Stars

【咸池桃花】属于不稳定的桃花星,代表【镜花水月】的短暂恋情,关系快来快去。[桃花]特旺尤其是[咸池]的出现, 要小心令你意乱情迷的不好桃花. [桃花][咸池]同时出现代表今年的桃花运特别旺.

今年你很容易吸引异性的注意力。 对于那些仍然单身且正在寻找生活伴侣的人,请好好利用今年桃花运特别旺的好时光。 对于那些已婚,请注意令你意乱情迷的不好桃花。 然而,这意味着今年,您的社交生活将变得非常丰富多彩,对于涉及销售和营销行业的人来说尤其有利,因为当您接触销售时,您会受到其他人的欢迎。

【咸池桃花】Unstable love, represent short-term romance, relationship is easy to end. The exempt of [peach blossom] especially with the appearance of [Xian Chi] happens thus has to be watchful of undesired romance with confused feelings.

This year is very easy for you to attract the attention of opposite sex. For those who are still single and are looking for a life partner, please make use of the good time to find one. For those have already married, please be alert of unwanted romance. Nevertheless, it means this year, your social life is going to be very colourful and it is particularly good for those are involving in sales and marketing industry because you will be welcome by others when you approach them for sales.

【晦气】则是人际关系上的破败,容易因为沟通不足而遭人埋怨。[晦气 ] 不吉利;倒霉, 指人倒霉或生病时难看的气色, 指遇事不顺利。

【晦气】Devastation in interpersonal relationships, easy to complain because of insufficient . [晦气] is referring to the ugly color when sick.

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